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ℹ️ What is this page for

The Performance Review page is dedicated to store how you and your peers evaluates your work performance. If your company run this assessment regularly you can simply collect the feedbacks and adapt them to fill up the 🔍  Current Status section. Follow up your evolution using the 🗂️ History section by storing your Performance Review and checking how you are evolving over time 😊

💯 Performance Review Survey

If your company do not run a formal performance review sessions or you simply don't think is useful for you, you can create your own survey or use the template below to track your performance 😉

Performance Review Survey

🔍  Current Status

Try to mix a little bit of self-analysis, the feedbacks you received during the past 6 months and think about what are your strengths and the gaps you need to work on. Be kind to yourself 😊

💪 What are my strengths

hard skills

soft skills

👀 What are my gaps

hard skills

soft skills

🗂️ History

Keep track of each performance review in the history table 😁  Simply create a new page and copy and paste your last Performance Review above before your edit it with your current status 👆 The start and end date correspond to the period you perform the performance review and kept your last result. Use the #Number PR to create each new record ********************😁

Performance Review - History